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MARKET Mayhem @Eumundi State School June 2015

Each year Eumundi State School Grade six students embark on a huge unit of work called "Market Mayhem" which is most fitting given the market status of Eumundi. The whole school community supports the day from the purchase of scrumptious food to participating in many fun carnivale activities.

Photo: "Splat the Teacher" - a favorite Market Stall with the kids

The Market Day has teams of students planning their group businesses in class, writing business letters and plans, creating advertising, organising donations and community sponsorships of products.  The real life learning experience has the students conduct feasibility studies, risk management, financial statements and conduct business reviews.

Each business is responsible for the sourcing and or/purchasing of ingredients and materials that are to be sold. Costs, if not donated are refunded at the end of the project. The Market Fair Stalls are managed by the students with some assistance by parents.


All monies raised from the Market Mayhem day are to offset the cost of excursions for year six students in second semester.

The real "Mayhem" begins when prices are drastically reduced by stall holders with only 30-60  minutes to go before the closing of the Fair. This is where the competitive and fun stuff really kicks in.

The 2015 Market Mayhem day has earned the entrepreneurial students over $5000!!!!